Is Standing Seam Metal Worth the Price?

Standing seam metal roof is one of the most desirable types of roofing due to its durability and timeless style, but this superiority comes at a price. Many homeowners living in central North Carolina are offered standing seam metal roofing as an alternative to the typical ribbed metal evident in most houses in the North Carolina Triad, so it is important to know if the benefits make up for the extra cost that comes along with this material. Not only does this type of metal roofing offer superior protection when compared to typical metal, it gives a structure a more uniform and clean appearance. Standing seam metal is able to make a home or building stand out like never before as well as protect it for years to come. Extra protection that results from a standing seam metal roof comes as a result of the thicker gage it is offered in, and unlike higher (thinner) gaged metal, standing seam comes in skinnier pieces, requiring more material to cover a certain area, leading to a higher cost.

In the typical central North Carolina city such as Greensboro or Winston Salem, ever changing weather patterns and seasons cause roofs to endure much more wear and tear than places with steadier climates. As a result, roofs are often replaced every 20-30 years, they don’t typically last longer than the warranties associated with new roofs. Insurance companies are often replacing roofs as a result of hail or other weather induced damage. From a standpoint of a homeowner wanting to install a roof that will most likely not need replacing in their lifetime, standing seam is an excellent choice. Even as all metal roofs typically last longer than asphalt shingles, standing seam lasts much longer than typical ribbed metal due to its’ thicker material and covered screws. Typical ribbed metal features exposed screws, allowing for more venerability when in-climate weather arrives.

For the homeowner that wants a longer lasting roof than shingles and wants to stay within a budget, typical ribbed metal with a more standard gage is a great choice. Standing seam roofs are great for those who have the means and appreciate the benefits of standing seam, but those who are fine with typical metal and understand it is not as “bulletproof” as standing seam, and aren’t after looks, typical ribbed metal is the best decision. The North Carolina Triad throws everything at structures roof, from hurricanes in the summer to snowstorms in the winter, which leaves many homeowners eying the most durable roofing material, but sometimes it may not be the best choice if budget is a bigger concern than appearance. At Robinson Roofing, we install all types of metal roofing and offer homeowners options that best fit their situation and budget. Call us today for a free estimate and roof inspection!

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