What Type of Roof Should I Put on My Home in Triad?

Roofs are one of the most important aspects of a home as they are always being exposed to the elements, so choosing one that looks the best and protects your home is crucial. The North Carolina Triad is the name for the area surrounding the cities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. Living in the triad means homes are exposed to a wide array of different weather. Late summers bring the heavy storms and sometimes hurricanes from the east and the winters with frost and snow. To best protect a home in the Triad, a roof must be able to withstand a multitude of weather types and temperatures, but some materials will hold up to fluctuating weather better than others.

There are two main types of roofs, metal and shingle, each coming with a large variety of selections. Asphalt shingle roofs are most common in central North Carolina, they are a lessexpensive alternative to metal and the architectural style boasts a 30 year warranty. Three Tab shingles are another style of shingle roof, however, they are becoming less and less common as their inferior warranty and appearance drive homeowners to architectural shingles. In addition to a superior warranty, architectural shingles have a more appealing look as they appear to over lap unlike the flat look of the three tab shingles.

Metal roofing, being the other common roofing material in central North Carolina, consists of different gages. Gage refers to the thickness of the material. Twenty nine gage metal is an entry level metal roof, yet it is the most common. Manufacturers typically warrant 29 gage metal roofs for up to forty years. Twenty nine gage metal roofs also have an exposed screw, as you increase in gage, manufacturers offer metal with hidden screws that are commonly called “standing seam.” The most entry level of metal roofing is superior to the highest level of asphalt shingle roof when it comes to warranty and durability, but it comes with a higher price tag.

When trying to decide which roof is the right choice while living in a city like Greensboro, homeowners should ask the following questions: How long do I plan on living here? What is my budget? Which style do I prefer? Architectural shingle roofs are not much more expensive than basic three tab and their superior appearance and quality are worth the fractional additional expense. If a homeowner is in love with the appearance of a standing seam metal roof and has an unlimited budget, it is a great choice as it lasts far longer than any other material, but it does come at a cost. More basic metal roofing, such as twenty nine gage is a better buy for someone who plans on living somewhere long term as metal will last longer than most shingle roofs. Homeowners that see themselves moving in five to ten years and desire a nice look but are on a budget, are better off with an architectural shingle roof. Shingles typically last up to the manufacturer warranty of thirty years; if the home is sold after ten years from the homeowner obtaining that type of roof, there is still plenty of life left for a new buyer. Roofs are one of the most import aspects of a home and the wide array of choices may overwhelm homeowners, but with the proper advising from a local roofing company and understanding your needs it can be simple. At Robinson and McLeod Roofing we are happy to explain the different types or roofing and provide you with samples so you can make an informed decision that will benefit your situation. To decide which type of Roof you need for your home in the Triad, give Robinson Roofing a call at 336-582-0534!

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