Why Are New Roof Estimates So Different In Price, In North Carolina?

Why Do Roofing Estimates In North Carolina, Vary So Greatly In Price?

Has the time come to stop chasing that roof leak that you have had repaired a couple of times over the years, and get an estimate for a new roof on your home in North Carolina? Maybe your roof has had some hail damage or it’s now twenty years old and the time has come to replace it. Whatever the reason is, the time has arrived for a new roof and you now remember seeing your neighbor getting theirs done a few months back. If they are the friendly neighbors we hope for, they will be happy to share their estimates and ultimately who they chose and why.
When you do review different roofing estimates, one may commonly find large price gaps for what is proposed to be the same roofing job. At Robinson and Mcleod roofing we can install any type of roof system that exists on the market today. From old tar roofs to shingles and metal, we can even do barrel tile roofs if desired. So why are the estimates so different from different companies?
For this estimate and pricing example let’s discuss a shingle roof. In our industry, we measure shingle roofs by a measurement we commonly refer to as “squares”. The number of squares will let us know the amount of material we will need to put a new roof on your home. The new materials used will mainly consist of the new paper underlayment and the new shingles. There are only a few main components to a roof and the materials that make up the roofing system. On top of your trusses, you will find sheets of plywood. For this example, we are going to assume that all the plywood on your roof is good and does not need to be replaced.
Now that we know what squares are and that they tell us how much material your roof will need, let’s apply this to our estimate. Let’s say your roof is thirty-three (33) squares for our example. We are going to be using architectural shingles and replacing your old roof. All of the estimates that you received should be based on the same measurement of thirty-three squares. So why are your estimates ranging from $6,700 to $12,500?

These wide-ranging roofing estimates may have you feeling confused!
How do I know what is really needed on my roof? Am I missing anything that I truly need by not going with the Highest estimate?

The Big Up-Sell

Many companies will rely on this method to make you feel like you must pick the highest estimate to get a good roofing job. You may have let a nice man into your home with a folder, and forty-five minutes later he is still in your home, telling you how they include an ice shield and special paper that others don’t use. They up-sell so much in the hopes that it’s enough to peel you off the ceiling when you do get the quote later that day. If this sounds familiar and you do not love this approach, we are a great fit for you. There is a fine line between letting someone know what materials will be used on their roof versus using that information to overwhelm them into feeling like the expensive estimate is the only way to go.

It’s Not As Bad As You Think!

At Robinson Roofing, we love to tell our clients not to stress or worry so much. It’s not as bad as you think, that’s what we always say. The reason is that when you allow us to give you an estimate, we promise not to try and upsell you. We promise to give you accurate information that is easy to understand and NEVER pressure you into doing business or accepting a quote. As for the price, we also promise to treat you extremely fairly and stand behind our work. There is a way to make fair profits while giving the community fair pricing, that is simply what we do!

Cities we cover but are not limited to are Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Lexington, Walkertown, Oakridge, Summerfield, Thomasville, all the way to Charlotte, and in between. Give us a call today and get your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE estimate. Call 336-252-8760. We look forward to hearing from you!

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